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Greenlight University - Academics

The strength of any academic program is in its competitiveness and ability to address issues that give students a hold on the cutting edge and prepares them for the right industry. Here at Greenlight we deliver more than that as our programs have two or more majors giving students an opportunity to gain competitive advantage and to widen their possibilities in industry penetration.

Greenlight University for what it stands for in its mission and mandate is poised to offer equal entry access and affordable quality education. Greenlight University is both approved and accredited by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) of the Zambian Ministry of Education (MOE) to offer degrees from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

Each degree is characteristic of program name, code, description, courses, national qualification level, credits of the program, assessment methods. Each degree is subjected to the same academic standards that define all the courses including all ethical procedures, outcomes, objectives and entrance requirements. Students will be able to complete a number of honors and masters degrees in one year. Our programs are unique in many aspects and our academic distance learning system puts no pressure on students.

In all our programs, we have considered the regional and international standards and we have even gone beyond to apprehend the future knowing very well that a lot of things will not stay the same and our students don’t have to start going back in order to go forward.

At Greenlight University, you are guaranteed education without disturbance/delay provided you have met all requirements for the specific degree. You are welcome to study with us and partner with us later on.


The bachelor’s degree is a four year undergraduate program in the field of interest that requires a person to have completed High School or have reached mature age entry to study the program. It is offered through distance and online study.


This degree is understood differently in geographical academic circles where other refer to the degree as a variant of the undergraduate bachelor's degree containing a larger volume of material or a higher standard of study, or both, rather than an "ordinary", "general" or "pass" bachelor's degree. At Greenlight is a degree offered to students who do not equate their previous studies to a four year baccalaureate or simply those whose undergraduate degree was obtained in 3 years of study. Thus an honors degree at Greenlight is an independent postgraduate degree normally taken for one year adding already to 3 years or equivalent of 3 years to make it four year of study in the same area or related field of study. The meaning of an honors degree in South African Universities is the same way Greenlight treats its honors degree. The honors qualifies those with 3year bachelors now to progress to Masters.


The Master’s degree is a graduate level program offered mainly in one year though some masters will take two years depending on the type in the field of interest that requires a person to have completed the undergraduate degree in a particular field and is offered through distance and online study.


Anyone who has obtained an MA/MSc degree is in principle eligible to proceed to a doctorate (PhD). The doctoral degree is the highest degree at philosophical and intellectual level where a student undertakes academic research and publishes the results in a dissertation which must then be defended in the presence of the committee for higher degree.