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Dr. Nickson Banda

Dr. Nickson Banda (PhD)

General Director of Studies (GDS)

My Message

What a privilege to be able to share this message to all the readers and prospective students. We are living in times of globalization and unprecedented discoveries but still there is a greater need to educate the masses out there to equalize the way we address issues that we are faced with. Education is the greatest equalizer and in all senses it belongs to the people not to the school. When people focus on being successful over fruitfulness, they lose the integrity of who they are. And when they are oriented toward success, they try to change themselves to be what others want them to be, losing themselves and their effectiveness in being a blessing to our society.

At Greenlight, we operate differently and we extend people’s potentials. When we are oriented toward a focused education, we are able to embrace our unique giftedness and shine where we shine best–trusting that we will be used in ways that we are meant to be. An educated citizenry always builds a drive for success and leads to a life that always demands more of us but at least we are safe to make contribution to society.

At Greenlight University, you are our business and we are facilitators and providers of all the tools of destiny that is meant to make society notice you. We guarantee you student focused training using an independent distance learning system that fits your daily schedules. Our value is our exceptional and well structured internationally competitive programs in Graduate and Postgraduate studies. We are a University of equal access for all professional, Intellectual and professional development of humanity.

As a growing institution we are busy refining our systems to suit the needs of today and to make education an enjoyment not a burden to our learners. Our drive towards success means that we are only as good as our last performance and our value is measured against those around us. Conversely, when we focus on bearing fruit we are truly able to live our own life well. Being fruitful looks different for everybody and therefore it is useless to compare. You cannot compare apples and oranges. As Greenlight University, we are unique in the way we are positioned and we recognize all other players in the business.