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Dr. Reginald H. Wilson Sr.


My Message

As the first Chancellor of Greenlight University, I have the awesome pleasure to share concisely what great opportunity has been afforded to those who would dare to journey with us. Allow me to share in nine brief points to the crucial timing and purpose of Greenlight University coming into existence.

Challenging Times

We are finding increasingly insurmountable challenges in our daily lives. These challenges can bring a wide range of things, whether it be family, personal, or even the world view concerns that we need to address. The market place as well as the present day educational system has failed to produce the type of breakthrough entrepreneurs that could shift our present conditions of poverty, oppression, and unemployment. We would like to offer many people the tools to achieve a life of prosperity and success. This cycle of poverty and deprivation is relentless proof that there is something ineffective in leadership and leadership styles. This could very well be our finest hour in making vast improvements in education and prosperity. There is a vacuum of leadership that needs to be filled by qualified, ingenious leaders that can guide us confidently into the future.

Vacuum of Leadership

Many are finding it difficult to live out their true purpose, as they are trapped in unsatisfactory work situations. The absence of enthusiasm, transparency, and excellence further taints one’s vision of the future. We are determined to equip our students at Greenlight University to fill this vacuum with true different kind of leadership. We believe the strength of education is not purely based upon book knowledge, but in developing strong relationships. We will prepare our students to take on this daunting task of transforming a culture by revolutionizing the way they think. New leadership will arise to serve with intelligence and gratefulness that will permeate every sphere of society. Our bold servant-leadership model will teach participants how to take responsibility and to effect change. Our goal is that students will be equipped in humility and honor, which will enviably cause generational transformation in their communities and abroad.

Economic Collapse

We are aware of what effect that financial disasters are causing on the global economy. The increased numbers of businesses failing in their start-up years play a direct role in unemployment issues. These issues will continue to have adverse impact on families and community. Our goal at Greenlight is to create and provide strategy to reverse the current dilemma. We are proactively assembling the best technology. We are also acquiring the most experienced, successful businessmen and women to train up the next generation of leaders. In order to effectively influence a nation, we must generate funding and relationships that will sustain and create future resources for generations to come. This is possible by grooming world leaders to break cyclical poverty. We will address very relevant issues and give our students the tools to do so.......